Mrs. Ruiz's Classroom Parent

What is a classroom parent? A room parent (also known as a classroom parent) facilitates communication between parents and the teacher, school administration, and/or parent-teacher organization (PTO), and supports the teacher in needs that may arise.
Aug 26, 2019
2.5 - 3 Hours
398 Needed

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What can some of the classroom parents help with?

1.      Take down/hang up student work.

2.      Take down/hang up bulletin board.

3.      Run Copies.

4.      Sharpen pencils.

5.      Staple papers.

6.      Change out seasonal vocabulary cards in the writing centers.

7.      Tear pages out of workbooks.

8.      Cut and staple decodable books of sight words readers.

9.      Prep center activities.

10.  Label classroom supplies.

11.  Organize books in classroom library.

12.  Put flyers in take-home folders.

13.  Attend field trips

14.  Help set-up school events

15.  Organize supplies (crayons, pencils, erasers, glue.)

16.  Help monitor lunch and/or outdoor recess

17.  Put stickers on reward charts.

18.  Print material for a special event

19.  Assist with fundraisers

20.  Hole-punching/binding student work to make a class book

21.  Cut out laminated materials

22.  Laminate

23.  Assemble binders and/or student portfolios

24.  Make sight word rings for each student– hole punch and put on binder ring for home/schoolTop of Form.

What do I need to be a classroom parent?Bottom of Form

A classroom parents need to register and complete the online volunteer form., once registered and orientation has been completed please email Mrs. Cruz at so that your classroom assignment can be processed.

Classroom parents will be at a first come first serve basis and once all classrooms are filled, parents will be put on a waiting list, until a vacant position is available.  

You will NOT be assigned to your son/daughters classroom as we feel it will be a distraction to your child.  

We ask that you keep in contact with the teacher that you are assigned to, and if for whatever reason you no longer wish to be a classroom parent, we ask that you let us know so that we can reassign another parent.

Classroom parents will be required to attend PTO meetings once a month. Classroom parents will be a member of PTO and will follow the same by-laws.

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