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CNA Meeting-Parents Needed!

We are in need of parent volunteers to participate in our annual Campus Needs Assessment meeting. This is an opportunity to learn more about our school and give feed back to faculty and staff!
Oct 30, 2019
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
6 Needed
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What is the purpose of a CNA? The school must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to ensure that a school’s comprehensive plan best serves the needs of ALL children in order to meet the challenging State academic standards. Purpose is to examine multiple sources of data to identify the priority needs and direction for the school. This critical process is the prework to the development of the district and campus improvement plans and decisions regarding the justification for use of funds. The data helps schools monitor and assess the impact of programs, instruction, and other resources related to student achievement by developing a school profile. Through the needs assessment, a school must consult with a broad range of stakeholders, including parents, school staff, and others in the community, and examine relevant academic achievement data to understand students’ most pressing needs and their root causes.

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